Timeline of Capt William Norton's voyage on the
HMS Assistance 1761.
All references from Virginia Colonial Records Project
March 6, 1761 Portsmouth, England - Virginia merchants request escort. HMS Aldborough to assist. Assistance to be ready to leave April 10 and return Sept 20 1761.
March 27, 1761 Portsmouth, England - Admiralty directs Capt William to make the Assistance ready to sail to Virginia.
April 4, 1761 2 Virignia ships not ready and cause delay.
April 9, 1761 Postilian Frygite will go with Assistance if Aldborough is not ready.
April 22, 1761 Assistance directed to Spithead to take on Thomas Ferrant and Sam Crossley (new customs for Virginia)
April 17, 1761 Capt William is informed that George Colebrooke esq. of London will deliver gold for the support of troops in New York. He is further directed to transport to Virginia: John Campbell, Lt Burton, Christopher Rolleston, Christopher Chambers and servant, Lt James Dalton, Lt William parker, Robert Jones (the new Attorney General for North Carolina)
June 21, 1761 Off Hampton Roads, Virginia
July 6, 1761 Off Sandy Hook, New York (The Assistance is probably here to deliver funds transported for the support of troops in New York.)
September 15, 1761 Viriginia - Lt. Gov of Virginia Francis Farquair gives Capt William a letter to the Commission for Trade and Plantations. (Fletcher Norton is on this commission.)
October 10, 1761 Left Capes, Virginia
December 2, 1761 In downs- Capt William returns with 37 merchant ships from Virginia. 1 ship was seperated and captured by the French.