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We are seeking a descendant of this line for a DNA test.
If you are a male descendant or know someone who is, please contact Scott Norton snorton@nortonfamily.net


Jacob Norton and his wife Barbara Misner in Shenandoah Co. Virginia.
DNA test # 105028

Chad M Nortonchadnorton1975@yahoo.com



    Jacob Norton lived in Shenandoah Co. Virginia.
married Barbara Misner

Some of the information seems to be family stories passed down and i have yet to find concrete proof of anything prior to Jacob fighting in the Revolutionary War. According to what I have found Jacob Norton was born in Alsace, France in 1754 the son of an Englishman that went to Germany on business and met a German woman he fell in love with, for some unknown reason they settled down in the
Alsace region of France. Jacob may or may not have had a brother, and he/they came to America in 1774 just as the war began. One of the most famous stories told about Jacob was that he has some kind of medical training and when the Army of the Potomac fell ill Jacob was able to recommend food and herbs to General Washington that made everyone feel better. For this Jacob was given a bag of silver which were eventually turned into silverware and passed down to children and grandchildren.

As far as concrete solid facts (some provided by family and some from Ancestry.com and other websites) I have Jacob Norton on Shenandoah's tax list for 1790 that show he was living with a woman, had 7 horses and paid $72 in taxes. I have records that show he had several children and moved from Virginia to Trumbull Co. Ohio including Zachariah Norton whos 1820 home still stands to this day. Jacobs sons Zachariah and George both fought in the war of 1812, and I have the
war records that show this.


Henry Norton

Robert L Norton
  Lewis R Norton
    Ronald R Norton
      Chad M Norton.