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Nathaniel Norton of Brookhaven - descendant of Norton-Conyers

Born 1743-
Died Oct. 7,1837.
Burial: Old Baptist Cemetery, Coram.

He enlisted as a private in the (Royal) Provincial Army at the age of 14 in 1756. He served throughout the French and Indian War in the forces under Major General Bradstreet and participated in the Ticonderoga and Crown Point campaigns in 1759.
1780 at Fort Schuyler Ref

Nathaniel Norton was living prior to the year 1684 at Brookhaven Long Island, and in that year he died leaving a widow, Mary and seven children, Isaac, Nathaniel, George, Jonathan, Hannah, Mary, and Sarah. Mary Mills, who married Nathaniel Norton sometime between 1661 and 1667, probably in Southampton, and they subsequently removed to Brookhaven, Long Island. They had seven children: Isaac, Nathaniel, George, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, and Jonathan. She was still living in 1685, when her husband's will was probated. [The American Genealogist, XV:196-198; Seversmith MS., notebook 4.]

Will of Nathaniel Norton 1684 Brookhaven, NY

In the name of God Amen. I, Nathaniel Norton, being unsound in body but of good & perfect memory, thanks be to Almighty God, & calling to remembrance the uncertain state of this transitory life, do make, constitute, ordain & declare this my last Will and testament, in manner & form following, revoking & annulling by these presents all & every testament & will heretofore by me declared either by word or writing, & this is only to be taken for my last will & testament & none other--

Imprimis, Being penitent for all my sins past, most humbly desiring forgiveness for the same by the mediation of Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, I give & commit my soul unto Almighty God, my Creator, Redeemer & Preserver, in whom by the merits of Jesus Christ I trust & believe assuredly that I shall be saved, have full & free remission of all my sins & be raised up to life & immortality at the date of the general resurrection, & my body I submit to be buried in such place & decent manner as it shall please my Executors hereafter named to appoint.

And now for the settling of my temporal estate & such goods, chattels & debts as it hath pleased God in mercy to bestow upon me, I do give and bestow in manner following, willing & ordering that all those debts & duties which I owe to any person or persons whatsoever, in right or conscience, shall be well & truly paid & contented or ordained to be paid in convenient time after my decease by my Executors hereafter named:

Item -- to Isaac and Nathaniel, my eldest sons, I give my home lot to be divided as followeth: to my son Isaac, the house garden & orchard, with what buildings shall be raised thereon, & all the land from the East side of the orchard unto the highway westward over against Abram Dayton's house; & the remainder of the lot eastward of the said orchard I give to my son Nathaniel; & the swamp or meadow joining to the Creek within fence, I order & dispose it to be equally divided between my said sons Isaac and Nathaniel; & also all my land, either in the old field or little neck, to be equally parted between them, & likewise my four shares of meadow at the oldmans, Provided that if
either of them shall die before marriage the survivor shall have all;

Item -- to George & Jonathan, my younger sons, I give all my land & meadow at Mount Mercy & at the south side, to be equally divided & shared between them, Provided that if either of them should decease before marriage the survivor of these two sons shall enjoy all his brothers part as is before Expressed; Item -- to my three daughters, Mary, Sarah & Hannah, I give to each of them at the day of marriage twenty-five pounds, which is to be paid as followeth: Isaac, my eldest son, shall pay or cause to be paid the sum of twenty-five pounds to Mary, my eldest daughter, in good current, passable pay at the day of her marriage; & likewise my son Nathaniel to Sarah, my daughter, shall pay ye sum of twenty-five pounds at the day of her marriage; & Hannah's portion of twenty-five pounds shall be in like manner paid at the day of her marriage by
my wife, provided that if either Isaac, Nathaniel or my wife shall not be capable of the payment of the said portion at the day of their marriage abovesaid, then they shall have time to pay five pounds per annum;

Item -- to my beloved wife, Mary, I give & dispose all my other moveable estate, as household goods, utensils, horses of any kind, cattle, sheep, swine, &c. with the furniture & guears belonging to them with the full & free use of the house such land as she shall have occasion for;

Moreover, I constitute, order & appoint my said wife to be my lawful & sole Executrix of this, my last will & testament, to receive & pay all my just debts to see to & take care that the above legacies be fulfilled & to perform all such things pertaining to the office of an Executrix -- I do request & desire that my wife shall take the advice of my friends Richard Woodhull Junior & Timothy Brewster whom I nominate to be trustees to be helpful to my Executrix upon all occasions to the confirmation of the premises I do hereunto set my hand & seal this twenty-second day of Dec. 1684.

his Nathaniel O. Norton [Seal] mark

In presence of Thomas Helme John Wade

Descendants of this line settle at Herkimer, NY which is quite close to Whitehall, NY

Pedigree of Nathaniel Norton
Some descendants of this line settle at Herkimer, NY which is quite close to Whitehall, NY

Nathaniel Norton b. 1589 England was transported to Barbados age 46. Nov 20, 1635 in the "Expedition" Peter Blakler, Master (Hotten p 140)
-----Nathaniel Norton b. 1611 England m. Mary Nathaniel emigrated from Barbados to New York and died at Brookhaven, Long Island 1684.
----------Isaac Norton b. 1665 in Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY, and died 1735 Brookhaven Town, Lewis, New York
---------------Hannah Norton was born ABT 1705. in Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY
---------------George Norton was born ABT 1707.. in Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY
---------------Timothy Norton was born ABT 1709.. in Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY
---------------Elizabeth Norton was born ABT 1711. in Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY
----------Nathaniel Norton b.abt 1671 Brookhaven, NY died 27 Dec 1721 Cape May, , New Jersey, USA -married.Mehetable Parsons
---------------Daniel Norton was born abt 1790 d.1755
---------------Nathaniel Norton was born abt 1792 d.1750
----------George Norton b. Brookhaven, NY
----------Mary Norton b. Brookhaven, NY
----------Sarah Norton b. Brookhaven, NY
----------Hannah Norton b. Brookhaven, NY
----------Jonathan Norton b.1684 Brookhaven, Suffolk, New York d.7 May 1751 Brookhaven, Suffolk Co, New York
---------------Nathaniel Norton was born 1717