Norton-bio-1 John Norton b.1749 Lancaster, PA - Harrisburg - Lexington -
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1st Generation

John Norton b.1749 in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania d.1822 Harrisburg Pennsylvania. He was a revolutionary War Lt. in Capt. Bowman's Company in 1782 (Penn.) He married Susannah Barbara Hinkle (Father: George Hinkle- founder of Hinkletown, Earl Township, PA).

2nd Generation George Norton b.1777 Lancaster, PA d.1858 Lexington, KY.
3rd Generation William Howard Norton (b.1809 Lexington, KY; d.1871).
4th Generation Nanniene Mason Norton who married Nelson Thomasson

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I am doing genealogy for my wife, Lee Thomasson. Trying for more documentation on a particular line on her paternal side going to a Norton. Her one remaining uncle is named Norton Thomasson. Her Gr-Grandfather Nelson Thomasson married Nanniene Mason Norton.

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