William Norton born May 9,1796 Randolph, NC


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William Norton born Randolph, NC 9th of May 1796. Married, Elizabeth Snead, 1818 in Richmond, NC

William Norton was born in Randolph County, North Carolina on the 9th of May 1796. He married, Elizabeth Snead, in 1818 in Richmond, North Carolina. She was born December 19, 1800 in North Carolina. Shortly after getting married they headed West. They stopped off for a short time in Drake County, Ohio. Some time prior to 1820 they moved across the state line to Greenforks Township Randolph County Indiana. They settled on a 80 acre land grant, where they lived out the rest of there life, with 9 of there 10 children marring and raising there children in the local area. The Norton family, was very close to the Hinshaw family. Three of the 10 children married into the Hinshaw family. It maybe that they came west with this family.

They lived out there rest of there life in Randolph County, Indiana, William died, August 18, 1862, and Elizabeth died October 24, 1877. There grave markers, along with there daughter Malinda's marker was found in a pasture field behind an old farm house in what is said to have be "The Old Lost Hope Cemetery". The markers was cleaned and moved to Hopewell Church Cemetery, about a mile from the old farm house. This is the church that the Norton's had attended. There old record books of attends are still their.

Elias R. b. 1824
Samuel S. b. 1826
William W. b. Nov. 11, 1826
Malinda b. June 18- -
John Hunter b. Nov. 23. 1830
Joel S. b. Mar. 10, 1832
Elijah C. b. July 12, 1834
Robert P. b. 1836
Elizabeth Jane b.July 8, 1838
Mary Ellen b. December 23, 1840