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Robert Norden, Rev 
... unknown Norden
... ...Christopher Norton .17148 England
... ... 1st wife Anne unknown
... ... ... John Norton b. 1738 New Kent, VA
... ... .... Mary unknown
... ... ... ... children:
... ... ... ... Sarah Norton b.1758
... ... ... ... John Norton b. 1759
... ... ... ... James Norton b. 1761
... ... ... ... unknown Norton b. abt 1762
... ... ... ... .David Norton b. 1763 Fluvanna, VA
... ... ... ... .Thomas Norton b. 1765
... ... ... ... .Elizabeth Norton b.1769, VA
... ... ... ... .Milly Norton b.1774 Fluvanna, VA

... ...Christopher Norton .17148 England
... ... 2nd wife Mary Emmerson b.1735 VA
... ... ... Thomas Norton b1753 Goochand, VA
... ... ... William Norton b1754 Goochland, VA
... ... ... Martha Norton b1756 Goochland, VA

John Norton b.1738 New Kent, VA

As I was touring Bourbon and Nicholas counties in Kentucky, it occurred to me that there was actually two John Nortons who owned land as early as 1787. Tax records from 1787 and 1788 in Fayette county have John Norton in each. But in the 1790 tax records there are two John Norton's, one in Fayette (March 1791) and one in Bourbon (Feb 26,1790) July 25, 1791, John Norton Jr.bought 150 acres on Stoner's Fork of Licking in the newly organized Bourbon County. For his 150 acres, John Norton paid seventy five pounds--or about $250, at the value rate of Virginia currency at that time.

This leaves the other John Norton in Fayette where the family originally settled near Lexington. I believe this is the father John Norton b.1738. By 1792 this John is not around to ppost bonds for his daughter Milly's wedding. Perhaps John Norton Sr. died in 1790 and John Norton Jr. used the land in Lexington to buy the farm on Stoner's Creek in Bourbon.

Historical map of Kentucky.



1738: John Nordan born, New Kent, VA
John son of Christopher and Ann NORDAN born Augt. 8, baptized Octo’r 8.
Testis: David Mossom, Minister.
Link: St Peter's Vestry Book
Book is also on, with  Charles Noden is listed as being the clerk of the vestry and appears on pages 181, 184, 188, 189, 691


Marriage to Mary Unknown?
inferred from the birth of Sarah


Sarah Norton born
This birth date is calculated.


John Norton born


Unknown Norton boy born

1761, June 6

James Norton born

1763, March

David Norton born

1769, May 1

Elizabeth Norton born

1774, April 7

Milly Norton born

1776, June - 1778, Apr

John Norton, boatswain on the galley "Henry" operation on the river York and Hampton Roads

It appears that John Norton was the Boatswain on the galley "Henry" from it's commission in June 1776 but was gone before Apr. 8,  1778 when Wm. Stoll, Boatswain.made out a new payroll form.

Virginia State Navy, Vessels, etc.
* 8 to 21 see Navy Jour., p. 310.
f 22 to 29 see Navy Jour., p. 488.
"Henry" Galley, Officers and Men, Virginia State Navy

Tompkins, Capt. Robert, of Gloucester Co. Superintended the building of the "Henry" Galley and became her Captain in June 1776. According to the testimony of Henry Buchanan, Capt. Tompkins continued in the service until the British fleet came up the York River in August 1781, which prevented the gallies from rendering any effectual service. Another affadavi t states that he died in service. [UL:History of the Virginia Navy in t he Revolution:UL] p 258

The brig "Liberty" and galley's "Henry" and "Manley" patroled the York River.
The galley, "Henry" was captured Oct 20, 1780 by a British fleet under Com. George Gayton.
Account of the Virginia Navy

Tompkins, Ro. Capt.
Singleton, Joshua, 1st Lieut.
Tompkins, Christo. 2d Lieut.
Read, Francis, 1st Mate
2d Lieut; comm. Apr. 3, 1777 (resigned comm. Jan. 14, 1779) (3).

Dobson, Ro., Midship.
Dunford, William, Master
Hall, Ro., Mr. Mate
Swope, John, Surgeon
Arnando, Ambrose, Gunner
Moss, Starkey, Carp.
Norton, John, Boatswain
Foster, Peter, Carp. Mate
Wollage (Nollage?), Edward,
Boatswain's Mate
Horn, Francis, Sailmaker
Brown, Francis, Steward
Lucas, William, Clerk
Moss, Francis, Mariner
Willis, James, 2d Master
Dodd, Newcomb, 2d Master
Lucas, William, Master at Arms
Revell, John, Seaman
Minter, James, Seaman
Jarvis, William, Seaman
Moore, Dunford, Seaman
Saunders, Richd. Seaman
Brumlay, Philip, Seaman
Pippen, William, Seaman
Cleveriess (?), John, Seaman
Wilson, John, Seaman
Moore, Edward, Seaman
Peters, James, Seaman

Lieut. Singleton (Joshua) took command of the Henry Galley, April 8, 1778;
and a short time after Capt. Wright Westcott commanded her.

Recommended Aug. 27, 1777 (3).
Drew as Lieut. 26665 ( 2 9)-
Midship. 26661; Navy Jour., p. 362 (30).
Capt. of a galley in York river before July 6, 1776; comm. Nov. 28, 1776 (1).
1st Lieut. Manley galley before July, 1776; comm. vice Chamberlayne and sent to brig
Musquitto (resigned comm. Dec. 16, 1779) (2).

1781, Nov 26

John Norton, Sarah's father, signed as bond for William Farney's estate.
He signed with an X.

1781 Novermber 26 the court named John Norton (Sarah's father) executor of William Farney's estate with a £30,000 bond. This was not in pounds of tobacco, but sterling and indicates that William Farney was very wealthy. Only one other Farney has been traced in Rockingham so far.

The date of November 26, 1781 is just five weeks after the fall of Yorktown. This is significant because we know that John and James were at Yorktown. Perhaps, William Farney died there.

1785, March 28

The Rockingham court named John Norton, Sarah's father, as guardian of her child John Farney.

1789, August 26

1789, August 26, Harris vs Norton &c. Canc.
Oh hearing bill answer it is decreed by the court that the said Norton, guardian &c do deliver possession of the tract of land in the bill mentioned to the Comp't and that the said Farney Inf't do at the age of twenty one years make sufficient deeds of conveyance in fee simple to the said Comp. and that the Def't Norton do pay the costs of this suit out of the estate of the intestate Farney in his hands to be administered.


John Norton died?
On July 11, 1792 Milly Norton, the daughter of John Norton (b.1738) is presumed dead because hsi son, John signs the marriage bonds for Milly with his actual signature. In 1781 John Norton, signed with an X. However, Mary Norton, mother of Milly gives her permission for the wedding.