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PAF screen shots

First thing. You can always email me for help. Scott Norton
Second, if you need to, call me 801 222-9757. The main thing here is we should be able to help.

Family History Software
This is how we organize and share our research.

Don't be afraid to try family history software. It's easy to use and there are several great programs, in fact I don't know of a bad one anymore.

I recommend Personal Ancestral File PAF (Its free)

You can download it here.

Look for this image in the lower left of the page where it says:
Free Family History Software


Getting started
1) Once you have installed the software start it and select from the "file" menu a "new" file.
2) It will ask you to name your file.
3) The next step is to fill out a form saying who's file this is for reference.
4) Now your into the program. Double-click on any box to fill in the info.
5) Document your sources. There is an "S" next to every date and place. click on it to enter a source. Once you have entered it, you can simply select it for the next entery. (you only have to enter it once)
6) I use the "notes" area extensively. Right-Click on any name and selct "notes". I use the "all" category and just dump all my research right in there. It's not pretty, but its effective.
7) You can always call or write me for help.

Sharing your info
1) Under the "file" menu at the top select "Export".
2) Just use the default "PAF 5 if you are sending to another PAF user.
3) If you are sending info to someone not using PAF select GEDCOM at the bottom. You have the opportunity to send only the names you want with GEDCOM.
4) Name the file and send it along with an email.
5) You can always call or write me for help.

Family History Centers in your town.
The largest family history center in the world is in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find pretty much everything there. However, they maintain smaller Family History Centers all over the world that access the main library. Almost anything in Salt Lake City is available one way or another in the smaller Centers.

Most of all, there is a real person there to help you with your research. Including PAF. You will have access to US Census info as well as specialized info for your area.

Here's where to locate a local Family History Center.
Family History Center
or call: 866-406-1830 in the United States and Canada.

Main screen of PAF

Pedigree View

Main screen with Notes opened