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Norton Bios and Research

Origin Colonies
Norton's of Fluvanna, VA & Bourbon, KY
Robert Norden, Rev
... unknown Norden
... ...Christopher Norton .17148 England
... ... 1st wife Anne unknown
... ... ... John Norton b. 1738 New Kent, VA
... ... .... Mary unknown
... ... ... ... children:
... ... ... ... Sarah Norton b.1758
... ... ... ... John Norton b. 1759
... ... ... ... James Norton b. 1761
... ... ... ... unknown Norton b. abt 1762
... ... ... ... .David Norton b. 1763 Fluvanna, VA
... ... ... ... .Elizabeth Norton b.1769, VA
... ... ... ... .Milly Norton b.1774 Fluvanna, VA

... ...Christopher Norton .17148 England
... ... 2nd wife Mary Emmerson b.1735 VA
... ... ... Thomas Norton b1753 Goochand, VA
... ... ... William Norton b1754 Goochland, VA
... ... ... Martha Norton b1756 Goochland, VA

Norton - Pittsylvania, VA
James Norton 1721, Prince George, VA
William Norton -1740 Grayson, VA DNA
John Hatley Norton -of London and Virginia
Jacob Norton Barbara Misner Shenandoah Co, VA
Nicholas Norton - 1610 Somerset England. > Matha's Vineyard, MA
George Norton b.1610 of Salem, MA DNA

Thomas Norton - Guilford, CT b.1609
Francis Norton of Milford, CT b.1603
John Norton of Branford, CT  b.1628
James Naughton/Norton of Farmington, CT b.1703 
John Norton 1749 of Dauphin, PA DNA
New York
Nathaniel Norton of Brookhaven, NY
Lyman Norton b. 4 Sept. 1808 Washington, NY

James A Norton b.1810 of Buffalo, NY
New Jersey

Secondary Migration
Nimrod Norton - KY, TX DNA
George Norton -Russellville, KY
John Norton - Lexington, KY

Christopher Norton - Fluvanna, VA DNA
--- John Norton - Bourbon, KY DNA
--- James Norton - Greenup, KY DNA
--- David Norton - Pendleton, KY DNA

John Norton - Grant, KY DNA
William Norton Jr - Barbour, AL DNA
James Norton Lawrence, AL DNA
North Carolina
Berry Norton - 1791, Richmond, NC
Isham Norton 1752, Richmond, NC

William Norton - Bladen, SC DNA
Jesse Norton b.1819 Mars Hill, Madison, NC
Robert Norton - Rowan, NC
Thomas Norton b. 1828 Richmond, NC
William Norton b.1796 Randolph, NC
Melchizedek Norden Cumberland, NC
South Carolina

William & Jemima Norton - Pickens, SC DNA
William Norton - Horry & Marion, SC DNA
Giles Norton b.1794 SC
Thomas Norton b.1804 SC
Mercer or Messer Norton 1807, TN

Origin Countries

Norton-Conyers of York, England
--- Fletcher Norton - Lord Grantley
--- Capt William Norton

Richard Norton b.1747 of St. Pancras, London
Isaac Norton - 1641 Somerset England. > Matha's Vineyard, MA
Norton/Naughton - Ireland DNA
William & Jemima Norton - Pickens, SC DNA
Edward, II Norton 1687 Armagah,N Ireland

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This web site serves as a clearing house for information, sources and speculation about the Norton family. So much of our information has come from cousins who have said, "Have you heard the story about..." and opened up a whole new vista. Feel free to comment and share your family's story. The history of this family is truely a tapestry woven by thousands of cousins.

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Updated Dec 25, 2007

Updated April 2014
  • English noble Nortons -By noble we refer to a family who has land, money and power as well as a title. These families have much better records.
  • Village Nortons - People who were living close to a village named Norton at the time of the Doomsday Census 1086.
    • Norton is literally "North town". There are about 36 Norton villages in the Doomsday Book. I've made a list of them here. In addition there were areas that were so devastated from war that they were not counted. Notable is Durham that is simply recorded as "wasted" in the Doomsday book.

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DNA Results

We have two goals:

1) Prove the paper research we already have. So far we have had several big successes in proving and disproving paper research.

2) Establish a data base of Norton DNA so that any Norton can locate his Norton roots by DNA. We have a good start already. Our objective is to identify the Norton family groups that emigrated to America. I will add new family groups as they join the project.

If you are a male and have the Norton surname, or if you know anyone who does, we hope you will consider participating in this Y-DNA testing project and/or telling others about this website.

You have questions, we have answers. email


Research notes:

Research - Thadius S. Norden b.1849 >  Willie B Norden b.1881 > Graham Marlow Norden b.1907
Research - Jacob Norton b.1778 NC > TN > MS > TX>
Research - Hiram Norton b.1787 CT > NY > Amity, Erie, PA
Research - Norton in Wisconsin